A simple store for JSON Documents & Photos; letting you focus on your Mobile Apps and Javascript Apps.

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  • Mobile CMS?

    Want to wait over a week for Apple you update your App, then hope your users actually download the update?! HELL NO, just content out to JSON and host it here, just it and automagically updates in yor app

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  • Design Focus Development

    Why start with the backend, it best to start with the user experience and drive out your data requirements. Better to use a JSON Keg to host your data that can power a tactile iteration process

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  • Javascript Framework Ready

    Use Ember or Angular, you can easily host some JSON docs, that can power you application; decoupling teams etc. Just makes JSON API work

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Just looking for a place to host some JSON data, then lets give you a personal keg; tap it for your super simple sweet json payload from your Apps.

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Let us host your images for your prototype etc. You can set up your own host etc or be done in seconds and grab some SHOTS in the PUB

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Absolutely Free

As always, host your JSON Kegs and Shots free exclusively from JSON.PUB. If you want more control and update via api etc we're working on that.

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  • Device Content Image

Powering Mobile Apps

We have an open api that will return your JSON Documents and Photos, the bedrock or any App or Prototype.

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"Want to wait a week and a half to push a typo in your App; I don't thats why I've used JSON.PUB to basically act as a CMS for my App. Seconds and I've got an updatable json payload powering my App." - Darren Rogan

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

let us host you JSON and Images that drive your Smart JS Webapps and Mobile Apps.

Inline Realtime JSON validation, let us check and validate your JSON that can power anything. We have open CORS for this free version with much more in the pipleine (Including Teams, API Access, Secure CORS and Access Auth.)

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